Sunday, December 04, 2005

hilarious weekend - check.

this weekend was full of ridiculous.
thursday night i had a show at io. there was ONE pAyINg cUStoMeR! there were still about 30 people there, students and performers, but i was so over it by the time we began. everyone was. it was freezing out, and people were in foul moods. kind of funny, but this is what we call a low point in impro. also, a low point in impro is calling it "impro".

thank god the weekend got better. first, i had newsies on friday. have i talked about newsies before? it's the best/worst thing out there. i will get to that in another post someday, because it's a hilarious thing to do; it's a promotional event for marshall field's that we do around the calendar. more on that later. i had two remotes (away shows) this weekend for csz that basically ate the whole weekend away. friday's call time was 3:30pm, and the show didn't start until 9pm. saturday's show - the call was 2pm, and the show was at 8pm. you see where i'm going? usually, this kind of thing could be annoying, but it's not to me - that kind of down time just equals insane amounts of time for paid bits between friends. i love it.

friday's show was in lisle, IL. we were the entertainment for MKS Software's holiday party. it was really fun - they were a great crowd, and the green room fun was lovely. two friends of CSz, players from the rebuilding NOLA, went on the gig with us and had tons of fun - rich and i got to know them much better on the drive out to the burbs. on this gig, we played the CSz-devised pseudo-apples-to-apples game, where we get to know each other better via scraps of paper and hypothetical questions. mary nisi and i played dress up - she did my makeup before we went onstage. i'm not the kind of gal that slaps a lot of shit on her puss, so it was fun to do. then, the show was wonderful - which of course, is the best.

saturday's show was in goshen, indiana - and it was just me, rance, deanna, and jay olson, friend of CSz from now-defunct CSz Austin. we had a two hour car ride there and back, and i took that opportunity to apparently become a total knob. i was in chatty mode because of the day before and how fun it had been, and knew right away i was in a car of non-chatties. thankfully, they all gave in and played along with dumb-o, and we had a super fun time all day long. apparently, my conversation starters often go something like this:

you Guyyyyyyyysss,
what are your DREAMS?

i would fight this, but i think it's probably nearly accurate.
so, this remote was at a dude's HOUSE, where our greenroom was a den. mmm, i smell disaster!, except, there really was none. this show was killer, and the time with friends was even moreso. after the show was done, we drove back, and snow sprinkled down during the ride. just perfect kind - lots of it, fluffy and diamond-like. it was perfect.

friends are great.
december rules.
...and i haven't even introduced you to rocky & tammy yet...


Anonymous Howie said...

Dude, Goshen? You should've told me! I'd have gotten my parents to turn up. :)

2:09 PM  
Blogger tara d. said...

aw, man! i didn't think of it. it was a super private show anyway for Goshen General Hosp.

go-shen figure.

1:38 AM  

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