Friday, November 17, 2006

thisss guyyy knows what i'm talking about!

i feel like being surrounded by stand-ups might be what hell is like. sorry stand-ups... or, i should say, amateur stand-ups... they are always marketing their bits. here, there are lots of contests to win free tickets to shows and stuff, and all the entrants act like nice civilians, then get up on-stage to enter and do a tight seven as their being pulled with a cane offstage. i have become the kind of person that borders on booing these people, only to cheer normal, well-behaved folk. events like these - the comedian being shecky hambone - this is why people always come up to improvisers & sketch writers and ask if we'll do some jokes, or if they're going to be in our acts.


it has, however, completely changed my delivery here at the comedy festival. jordan and i have a great thing going. he's super funny. inside our event tent, there are other companies being sponsored. this has led to a flood of misnomers and bits of the like, which the other sponsors actually laugh at. we've been calling the sierra mist tent squirt/shasta/7up/sprite/diet rite/mr pibb extra all week. i also called aol simply, which jordan liked a ton. jordan, also on the first day, said that we were here to support Hurricane Katrina. I then stopped him to let him know that we actually were there for the relief efforts, a crucial part he left off the end; this mistake has led to a flood of "We're from Second City and we're here to support Hurricane Katrina... ... relief" bits. I like the bits a lot. at points where no one has been watching, kleps has actually laid on the ground as a dead man and waited to see who notices, often for minutes at a time. This feels like what working a telethon or something must feel like. The bits, per usual, are what make the time pass.


Anonymous Tom said...

One of the great, unrealized dreams of my life is to get my good friend - a buddy from law school who now works in a big, prestigious, uber-corporate firm - to perform my as-yet-unfinished "meta-standup" routine. It might not be funny to anyone else in the world, but, considering that I literally couldn't even explain the idea to him without laughing so hard I was crying, I'd really like to see this come to fruition.

Bad stand-up makes my head hurt.

10:29 PM  
Blogger christine said...

good standup however, is like gold. Still love that old act of yours tara though the CD hs long since been too scratched to play! I do love the improve tara better though!
Send those other guys to the "Funny bone"!

7:14 AM  
Anonymous Tom said...

I prefer Michael Richards' style of stand-up.

3:52 PM  
Blogger tara d. said...


11:11 PM  

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