Monday, December 26, 2005

stay alive '05 becomes get your fix '06

since about 1999-ish, my hs pals and i have met up for a round of resolutions at the coffee table, in the short north of columbus. long ago, we had about 10 days at home or more for break. for me, i had even more, because OU was on quarters. now, we have much less, and we've made this a staple of the shorter time we have.

we met on christmas eve morning to make resolutions. every year, this is super fun, and generally fruitful. not only do we make our resolutions, but we also address the year before and how we did, giving ourselves arbitrary percentages and grades on how badly we've done (weirdly sating). more fun comes with resolutions that are somewhat average ("learn to knit"/"take african dance"/"go to gym 3x week"/"read more") morph into the unaverage ("dry clean 10 lb coat"/"stay perfect, '04"/"major in judging"/"don't be dead inside").

looking back on 2005, i realized how many difficult things have happened to friends, but how well so many of them are doing. it's really something. resiliency, y'all. i'd also like to note, that even with tough times - how much better my 2005 was than 2003-2004, an abombination. remember that? tough span, america. real tough span.

you never know what's in the cards for you, huh? i certainly don't.
but for the most part, i am so happy.
and thankful.
and each day is a gift.
and anything else that belongs on a trivet.
and z.


Blogger christine said...

How about resolving to bring Friday psuedo drinking game back to a laugh a minute! I miss it!

5:43 PM  
Blogger tara d. said...

cms: dick's about pressure, and cheryl's about love.

alright, you fuck, i will do a fpdg once a month. the problem is that once i post them, everyone tells me what they did and doesn't POST it. that is dumb.

if the people change, i will too - then more will come. deal?

8:12 PM  

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