Friday, September 09, 2005

the harvard of hilarity, vegas

got a chance to go see SC vegas tonight. i finished a workshop and booked it, and made it by 5 'til. yeah!

shop talk, for those who are interested: the cast did very well, despite the blow of having to go from a scripted show to a completely improvised one. the show is very similar in format to some chicago things... they have a structure that isn't completely gamey, but relies on structure in order to move from one gamish scene to another. it's only an hour long. it's blue, something i don't necessarily feel one way or another about - but when i see games i think csz-ily, and can't help but want to clean it up. it obviously works either way, but vegas crowds screaming out blue suggestions gets pretty old pretty quick. it made me thankful. something wonderful is you can feel the cast (and director liz allen) really work hard to find creativity in what they are doing, even though it may have "been done" already in theory. for instance, even though the show is improvised in content, they do five improvised blackouts based on some characters you met throughout at the end of the show. it does a good job of tying the show together; that is wonderful because it's cleaner, crisper as a product. i wish i could've seen the scripted show, but it ended just two weeks ago.

hung out late with abd & martin garcia... it was lovely. we just sat around at their apartment and talked. it was perfect. it was interesting to imagine living here. generally, i think the most well adjusted person in the world could lose their mind in a place like this. these guys, our pals at SC, have mentioned at length what a lack of community there is here (in several ways). for everything there is to do here, there is just nothing to do. where does a real person go to meet a friend for coffee? really live, day to day? they seem frustrated by it. this town is big and empty, and a place for visitors. so how do you make a home in that? be well adjusted? feel sane? i imagine if you're the slightest bit lonely, this city would swallow you whole.


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